For Overseas Suppliers

Greetings ! 

Thank you for visiting our website !

I'm K-Yamato.

Is there anything I can do to help  ??


I'll be your Japanese local distributor !

Would you be interested in the Japanese market ? 

I'm going to start my new business by finding attractive products overseas and helping a supplier enter the Japanese market as a local



Using my consulting team, which is in charge of new product development and B2B corporate contact for a trading company, and handles

more than 10 crowdfunded products per month, we will do our best to sell your products in the Japanese market !


Business Plan 


We usually start our marketing from raising a campaign on Japanese crowdfunding sites.

Overseas crowdfunding is not as famous as it is in other countries here in Japan, so doing an own campaign in Japan will make your product

well recognized byJapanese consumers.


To maximize crowdfunding results, we will do our best to pre-advertise, using SNS and raise awareness of your product.

After the campaign ends successfully, we believe there will be enquiries from retailers for regular sales.







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